This innovative concept revolves around using a spoon to taste wine instead of using a glass, eating instead of drinking, a product of extreme taste and quality that can be shared amongst the whole family. 

go beyond the glass... 

Wine to Eat is a tasty jelly made out of the best wines coming from the best varieties and the best producers from all around the world.  Each spoon is myriad of flavours very much like a good wine when experimented with time and pleasure.

With the differentiation of being consumed with a spoon, with residual alcoholic after-effects, these goes well with everything from cheese, grilled meat to ice cream.

They are accompanied by mini jellies (40g) that can be displayed and purchased with a cork cover which can be used as a candle holder, much like the cover of the bigger jars.


Grand'arte Touriga Nacional 2012
Port Wine Poças Tawny
Moscatel Wine from Favaios Cellar
Grand'arte Chardonnay 2014
Grand'arte Syrah 2012

Alvarinho Grande Escolha

“Wine is too precious just to be drunk.  We want more wine intensity,

more wine discoveries…

We want colourful spoons and sweet smiles,  go beyond the glass”

Now also available in the form of Wine Pearls (caviar)

Available on request only
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