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Portgourmet is an old passion of ours that has now come to life.






For many years, we've enjoyed with our good friends and in the warmth of our own homes, the pleasure of sharing the most tasty and luxury food from all four corners of the world.  

The Mediterranean diet has always been deeply rooted in us and we want to pursue the pleasure of simple things in life, which are often the best, for the body and the spirit. 

We now have the privilege of sharing this pleasure with fellow food connoisseurs, or simply people that want to explore new tastes and exquisite products, new ways to use healthy and delicious food, incorporate new and healthy habits in their diet.

Portgourmet only represents luxury gourmet brands, with the best flavours we can find for new and exciting pleasures of the palate.

Take a look at our other secret pleasure, just for you

Thank you for joining us in this thrilling journey.  We hope you will enjoy sharing the pleasures of our exquisite and delicate tastes...

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artist, designer, project manager, food and art critic, business and soul support


ana is the one to blame for all the design of our points of sale, gifts and everything that relates to shopping, products and product layout.

she can make any old rag look pretty and elegant, ana is really the soul of the business. 




foodie, marketeer, passionate for luxury gourmet, strategist, full-time banker.


pedro travels the world looking for new tastes and always ends up somewhere in southern europe. he's passionate about exquisite food, new and different tastes.

pedro is driven by the adventure of finding the ultimate pleasure of the palate.



a fellow foodie, connoisseur, adventurous soul or gourmet aficionado.


you are the reason behind portgourmet.

we believe true and genuine pleasures multiply exponentially every time they're shared.

you are the reason we've left the comfort of our friends, to make new friends, through sharing the pleasure for luxury gourmet food.