The Ultra Premium
From Lakonia, 100% Koroneiki Variety.

Ultra premium extra virgin olive oil, a superior category with extremely low acidity. The excellent quality is the result of a clean environment, dry climate and the daily pressing nuts at low temperatures. This olive oil stands out for its sweet, fruity flavour and bright, golden, green colour. 


The Olia GOLD Edition
Olia Group has combined the liquid gold as characterised by Homer olive oil with real gold giving a unique tasting experience in a luxury packaging.  This luxurious edition olive oil is made by hand using only the most cared for olives and 24-Karat gold flakes. Limited Edition.

Olia Group is a Greek company located in Thessaloniki, Greece.


This olive oil is produced in Laconia, the southernmost mainland end of Greece and Europe. The great climate of the virgin and wild terrain of the ancient laconic land, along with the clean Greek sky offers us this valuable extract of exquisite nutritive value, all produced under EN ISO 22.000-2005 quality standards.


Region: Laconia, the southernmost mainland end of Greece and Europe.
Notes: The careful harvest and the daily mill of olives give our bright golden green colour of olive oil and well-balanced spicy ,fruity taste.

CharacteristicsAcidity <0,3%, Peroxide ≤20meq02/kg, Waxes ≤250mg/kg, Ultraviolet absorption  Κ270≤0,22 Κ232≤2.5DK / ≤0.01

Recent medical studies show the strong antioxidant action of gold helps to rebuild cells and mental wellbeing. Gold is transported to the body through a biodegradable water-soluble polymer, gamma-PGA (poly-gamma-glutamic acid) and by developing properties such as the transfer of moisture to the cells, it configures immune balance, by exercising strong anti-cancer action. (Univ. of Kookmin/Korea, 2005, a study published by Department of Bio & Nano Chemistry).
At the end, it is the key component of modern cosmetology, since scavenging the free radicals and helps regenerate skin cell layers. Gold prevents premature ageing, addressing reactive free radicals. Gold was also used as a remedy complementary to aspirin to ease
the pains of arthritis.

Variety: Koroneiki.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from hand picked organic olives and solely by mechanical means. A product of strictly organic cultivation, with no pesticides and chemical fertilisers. 

Produced under EN ISO 22.000-2005 quality standards.

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