The heart and home of Ladotyri is the Greek Island of Lesvos, often referred to as Mytilini, the capital and port of the island.


It is a favourite destination for artists, romantics, and food lovers, with countless scenic villages & beaches, medieval castles, and an incredible cuisine filled with unique Mediterranean flavors.

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The exclusive flavor and aroma of the local milk is derived from the local livestock, which graze on the island’s green pastures and enjoy its rich nutrients. Spicy hints of grass, the saltiness of the sea, and the purity of the fresh milk can all be sensed in one drop.

For this reason, Ladotyri Mytilinis P.D.O. is distinguished as a product of protected designation of origin, and can only be made using local sheep and goat milk from the island.


The sharpness of the cheese is blanketed ever so gently by the green, slightly minty aroma, leaving a mouth-watering sensation for more.


The earthy aroma of truffle merges with the grassy notes of the Olive Oil creating a truly divine flavour, initially soft on the palate, before leaving a pungent aftertaste. 


The sharp, spicy flavour of the cheese is accentuated by the bold flavour of the Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil, of the highly praised Koroneiki variety.

Great Things come in Small Quantities


With only a limited number of quantities produced each year due to the importance placed on the island’s premium milk seasonality, MACAR guarantees the premium quality and exclusivity of its products.  Each glass jar is lovingly prepared and handled with great care, marked by an exclusive annual production number.

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