Available by special request only

From the Southern  regions of  the Peloponnese, an Elite Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a distinct pungent flavour captivated in a uniquely crafted bronze jewel bottle.

Every bottle is sealed by hand.  With an entirely handmade packaging made by more than 10 different local craftsmen’s expertise, it carries the weight of its meticulous workmanship, making it the ultimate collector’s item.

Discover the secrets of ANOTHOS

The bottle

ANOTHOS is bottled in a uniquely designed, thick blown glass bottle at a capacity of 500ml.  The recipient’s initials are handwritten on the bottle’s neck in gold, using traditional calligraphy methods.

The jewel

The bottle carries at its centre an elegant hand-crafted bronze jewel forged by local craftsmen. Each jewel is carefully placed with great precision on each bottle, by hand. It can be offered, upon request, in yellow or white solid gold.

The numbering

Each bottle is numerically engraved by hand on the bottom end of the ANOTHOS jewel, according to the limited yearly production.

The garment

The leather garment dressing the bottle is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and on it will have the recipient’s name handwritten using traditional calligraphy methods.

The gift packaging

The product is carefully encased in a sumptuous handmade gift box, offering a truly innovative personal or executive business gift solution.

Region: Peloponnese

Notes: Distinctive intense green fruitiness flavor and a delicate and  uniform fruity taste. Subtle and persistent flavors of apple, citrus fruits and freshly cut grass due to early harvest predominate. The pungery and bitter layers of its taste balance perfectly with its grassy essence and produce an addictive sensational amalgam. Its colour is deep green.

Variety: Koroneiki, from the finest and oldest olive groves, grown and cared in a traditional and natural way.

Process: Highly trained workers pick the olives and patiently select the healthiest by hand. Exclusively cold extraction, only a couple of hours after harvesting, bottled by hand with maximum care by experienced personnel in strictly limited quantities each year.

The Olive Oil

ANOTHOS is a perfectly balanced, early harvest olive oil, with a distinct personality bearing subtle, yet persistent flavors of apple, citrus fruits, freshly cut grass and hints of spices.

Its creation begins with the painstaking selection process of locating and evaluating the finest and oldest olive groves for their unique soil properties and microclimate conditions.

Cared for in an entirely natural manner, early harvest is performed in order to preserve the richest aromas nature can deliver. The olives are handpicked, one by one, by skilled workers who patiently select the healthiest ones.

Just hours aſter harvesting, a cold extraction method is applied, preserving the bouquet of aromas and full range of antioxidants this olive variety can deliver. The ANOTHOS oil is then gently leſt to settle organically, during a long and delicate, natural filtering process, taking all the time needed, without using any excess force.


The bottling is done entirely by hand and with maximum care, by experienced personnel. Released in strictly limited quantities of numbered bottles each year, every bottle is sealed by hand with a distinguished wooden lacquered t-cork.

ANOTHOS is available on request only.

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